Take a trip on the rivers of the Dordogne

From Argentat in Corrèze to Mauzac at the gates of Bergerac, you can travel by canoe on the Dordogne . You will discover the castles of the Périgord, rich and varied landscapes full of history but also wooded hills, limestone cliffs, troglodyte houses...

Discovering the Périgord

The rivers of the Périgord tell a story that is over 400,000 years old. They were born several millennia ago to let the waters of the Massif Central flow towards the Atlantic Ocean,

These waters have offered and still offer a unique communication network to the people who inhabit this territory.

A great invitation to travel, come and navigate on the Dordogne, the Vézère, or a little further on the Isle, the Dronne and the Auvézère. Each of these rivers is more magnificent than the others, and will allow you to indulge in the joys of canoeing in the Dordogne during your stay in the Périgord at the campsite Le Garrit***.

This is an ideal summer activity to keep fit during your holiday while visiting the hidden treasures of our department in a fun way. Canoeing is a sport that is suitable for young and old alike. It's a great way to spend time with family and friends and get some exercise while having fun.

Night-time canoeing trips can be organised during the summer months by the various tourist offices in the department. Ask them to book one of the sessions in advance.